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Autism Assessments and What It Means For Treatment 

A big part of any sort of medical treatment is testing. A good, accurate assessment is important for setting the subject on the right path toward the best outcome. It’s as true for blood disorders as it is for knee rehabilitation and everything else you can imagine.  


Only, there isn’t a definitive test for autism like there is for any of that other stuff.  


There is a medical diagnosis for autism but, as we have pointed out on our site in other places, wait lists to see a developmental pediatrician for one can be up to a year or more. That’s a year you could be utilizing to help your loved one learn to bridge the gap from where they are to where they ultimately could be.  


That’s why we opened our doors in the first place, to help.  


The core philosophy at Seaside Rehabilitation is early detection for maximum success. The earlier we can perform the industry-approved Autism Diagnostic Schedule, Second Edition (or ADOS-2) assessment, the sooner we can put a plan of action in place. The testing helps identify how your loved one acts or reacts in various activities. Those behaviors can be used to assess how the person is in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder (or ASD).  


The ultimate goal for this is to present you with as much data as possible so that a diagnosis, treatment plan, and educational placement can take shape.  


Our team can help you every step of the way, from an initial visit all the way to that ADOS-2 assessment and beyond. Our job isn’t done when the assessment is complete. That’s when our work really gets going.  


Learn more about the team at Seaside Rehabilitation the ADOS-2 test. Call or email us the moment you suspect that a little attention may be needed for your loved one.  

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