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Mrs. Monica has a true gift...

My son has been with her since he was 15 months old( he is 3 now) and the improvements he has made and continues to make over the time he has been under her care makes my momma heart so happy! His speech and use of vocabulary words are outstanding for his age now! I value and trust her work whole heartedly.

Ivy Russell

Monica helped me and taught me how to continue the help....

When my anxiety get up I start to stutter. She taught me how to count it out. It does work. Monica is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She cares about you and works very hard to improve in what ever you have. Even after you graduated, she still calls to see if everything is ok. She is the best.

Cathy Patterson

Monica is a brilliant speech therapist...

We have been using this service for over a year and have seen massive improvements in our son’s vocabulary. Monica uses a variety of techniques and props to get him to concentrate and remember words, and we were able to replicate that at home to increase his successes. We have now started occupational therapy with Paige as complimentary instruction and observed that he is much better sitting still to complete activities. I highly recommend!!!

Lois Herr

They all are just amazing with the children...

I am a former employee for Monica and spent a lot of time with her, the Physical therapists and Occupational Therapists along with the parents. The kids just love coming there because they feel they are just going to play but learn from the therapist! I would still be working for Monica if I didn’t move away. Trust me seeing the kids and how much they have learned and enjoy going and would like for your child to have a great learning experience please go see the facility and meet her team of wonderful employees.

Jane Ginley

Monica fits everything about the word Professional...

Monica fits everything about the word Professional. She is caring, kind, genuine, hard working, talented, and loving. Every child she teaches is lucky they have her. Thank you for all you do.

Robert Buglak

Monica does a fantastic job...

Monica does a fantastic job! She is always kind, patient, and is very talented at what she does! She is professional and treats clients respectfully.

Michelle Keeler
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