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Occupational Therapy For Children and Adults

Your body is precious, but injuries and issues are inevitable. Seaside Rehabilitation understands this and we are here to help. We offer hands-on, expert therapies that can help you move and live freely. We focus on adaptability and functionality, where patients are able to navigate and thrive accordingly in their daily life. Our practices range

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Autism Assessments and What It Means For Treatment 

A big part of any sort of medical treatment is testing. A good, accurate assessment is important for setting the subject on the right path toward the best outcome. It’s as true for blood disorders as it is for knee rehabilitation and everything else you can imagine.   Only, there isn’t a definitive test for autism

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Detecting and Assessing Problems During Lifespan, Aids in Treatment 

According to the National Library of Medicine, neurological disorders are frequent in older adults, and they’re usually associated with high risk for disability and hospitalization. In addition to that, as people get older, they fear losing their independence, and neurological disorders can make that fear even more intense. Seaside Rehabilitation recognizes this with patients concerned

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