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It’s Time To See An Occupational Therapist

Realizing you or a loved one may need some help is easy when a big, physical accident happens. Whether it’s a car crash, a fall, or a sport-related injury…in those scenarios going to an occupational therapist to help build your body back up to its full potential can be the easiest thing in the world to decide on.  

But what if there isn’t one of those big inciting incidents. What if your body or your mind just starts falling behind a bit? Or what if you just never dealt with an issue growing up?  

Well, that’s when it can get tricky to admit that you or your loved one may need some assistance.  

If there’s even an inkling in your mind that some help could make a difference, we are here for you. We can do an assessment and help put a plan together to address the problem areas so that you or your loved one can get back to living their best life.  

Similarly, as a trained occupational therapist in Cape May and Ocean Counties, we have worked with many individuals — both young and old — to address physical delays. For children, we can help address issues with feeding, self-care/activities or daily living, sensory integration, fine motor skills, and upper extremity strength, balance and coordination. In older individuals affected by physical or neurological insult, we can assist with a variety of areas such as gaining physical skills needed to use an arm or hand that was affected by a stroke or brain injury to developing strategies to compensate for cognitive impairments.  

Whatever the case may be, Seaside Rehab is here to get you started on a plan to improve your quality of life. We are also the leading speech-language pathologists in Cape May and Ocean Counties. Reach out today to get started. 


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